• There are two distinctive features of the Graduate Institute of Financial and Economic Law: one is the comprehensive approach to the study of financial and economic law; the other is the commitment in offering an international perspective on law to our students.

  • The institute is positioned as a professional law school for graduate students and aims to encourage faculty members and students to develop comparative and international perspectives on law.

  • To integrate law, economics and technology effectively, the institute owns abundant legal collections, electronic legal database banks (Westlaw/Lexis), Internet teaching facilities, multi-media laboratory, and study rooms.

  • In addition to academic-oriented courses, the faculty offers several practical courses such as patent licensing, technology transfer training and e-learning for legal research. 

Course duration

Master's Degree Program: 

  • Regular LL.M. Program2 years full-time
  • LL.M. Program for non-law majors:3 years full-time
  • Evening LL.M. Program:2-3 

Total Credits

l  Regular LL.M. Program: 32 Credits
Required Courses: 10 Credits
(Excluding Master Thesis)
Elective Courses: 22 Credits

l  LL.M. Program for non-law majors: 68 Credits
Required Courses: 40 Credits (Excluding Master Thesis)
Elective Courses: 28 Credits

l  Evening LL.M. Program

  1. LL.M. Program: 28 Credits

       Required Courses: 10 Credits (Excluding Master Thesis)
Elective Courses: 18 Credits

  1. LL.M. Program for non-law majors:48 Credits
  2.  Required Courses: 20 Credits (Excluding Master Thesis)

     Elective Courses: 28 Credits

Start month

Spring Semester: February

Fall Semester: August


FCU College of Business

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l  Lawyer

l  Internationa Pursue a higher education


l  AACSB Initial Business Accreditation
Ratified by the Board - February 2014